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You can choose to designate your gift to a particular fund or program that is most meaningful to you.

Quality patient care is always our top priority. We will use your gift to directly support patient care and innovative programs and services that enhance the quality of life of our patients, families and caregivers.

Essential Care for Children provides comprehensive, home-based palliative care to medically complex children, helping to minimize hospitals stays and emergency room visits.We help families navigate medical services, as well as provide psychosocial, emotional and spiritual support for their children, from infants to adolescents.

The Angel Fund was created to directly address the needs of our less fortunate patients and families. Donating to this fund will provide support for families in need and includes funding for life’s essentials such as food, clothing, supplies, assistance with utility payments and other basic needs.

In addition, Angel Funds are also utilized to make our patients’ days a little brighter with extras like birthday celebrations, memory-making experiences and holiday meals.

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Grief does not need to be carried alone. While grief is a natural and normal response after a death or significant loss, it may not feel accepted by the world at large. The Wilson Support Center is a place to find refuge and guidance, and provides individually customized support by licensed counselors as we recognize everyone copes with grief differently. Anyone is eligible to call and receive support.

This fund was created by family and friends of Dr. Robert Milch to support the education and research mission of Hospice & Palliative Care Buffalo. This fund honors Dr Milch as a pioneer in end-of-life care and his family’s legacy of advocacy, volunteerism, and education. Click here to learn more.

In honor of Lucas, his many accomplishments in his 30 years of life, and for the gratitude his family has for the love shown to Lucas while in our Hospice program, an endowment has been created to support military service members, veterans, and their families.  Please visit our website to learn more about the ways you can support our efforts, including donating to The Lucas Purser Endowment. Click here to learn more 

With your donation to Charity Care you can help offset the burden of medical expenses incurred by families in financial need. Hospice is a Medicare benefit, however, some of our patients do not qualify for this benefit and are either uninsured or under insured. Our team makes every effort to qualify them for Medicaid reimbursement, but many times they pass away before the paperwork has been qualified and the family is left with unmanageable bills.

Our credentialed music, art and massage therapists play an integral role in enhancing the quality of life for patients and families in Hospice & Palliative Care Buffalo, as well as for children in the Essential Care program. Various therapeutic interventions are offered to provide a creative outlet for self-expression, help patients and families manage pain and other symptoms, decrease loneliness and isolation, encourage movement and active engagement, and facilitate reminiscence of pleasant memories.

The Hospice & Palliative Care Buffalo research team was established to better understand – and educate – professionals and communities about the effects of palliative and hospice care. Ongoing projects range from person-centered studies to programmatic studies, which both directly translate into better hospice care and tangible quality-of-life improvements for our patients. Your gifts help us further this research and our understanding around end-of-life experiences.

Making a donation to the Giggle Fund will brighten the days of patients in the Essential Care for Children program by covering the costs of celebratory events, entertainment and other activities that help bring them laughter and joy.

Regular maintenance and improvements to the Hospice Mitchell Campus, other Hospice properties and equipment are important in sustaining the valuable service provided to our patients during their difficult journey. Your contributions help keep our environment beautiful and sustainable.

Contributing to this fund provides for the beautification of the Milch-Mitchell Campus. The Green Fund keeps our campus blooming and beautiful. The majestic surroundings bring comfort and peace to our patients and their families.

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Your donations directly help us carry out our mission to provide education, comfort-focused medical care, and social, emotional and spiritual support for our patients and their families. We thank you for your support and generosity.

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