HPCB Receives six million dollar commitment to design a new space on campus


Hospice & Palliative Care Buffalo (HPCB) announces their largest philanthropic pledge in history, which comes generously from 97-year-old Andrew Dodges, a long time Buffalonian, who is ready to establish his legacy and is choosing Hospice & Palliative Care Buffalo as he reflects back on the care that his late wife, Mary Ann, received while in Hospice care in the 1990’s.
With a gift of approximately $6 million, Andrew’s generosity will fund the creation of the Andrew J & Mary Ann Dodges Center, a space that will allow for the expansion of education and training programs, conferences, and meetings for both staff and community partners.
“I believe that Hospice is an organization with a worthy cause,” says Andrew Dodges. “They cared for my late wife, Mary Ann, and now they are caring for me. This gift will touch so many lives in our community and the legacy of my wife and I will live on.”
The surprising call came into the Hospice Foundation in late April from Linda Snyder, Andrew’s longtime companion, who placed the call on Andrew’s behalf. Linda said, “I would like to talk to someone about creating a legacy. How much would it cost to build a building?” Linda explained that Andrew wanted to “build” upon the philanthropic support he started back in 1995, when the Milch-Mitchell campus was built, and his late wife received services. At that time, Mr. Dodges gave a gift to support the construction costs of the in-patient unit, and now he is ready to make his next investment in the spaces that provide care and service to the greater WNY community.
“The story of Hospice Buffalo is really a story about community- the one we serve and the one that returns gratitude and kindness in the form of volunteering, participating in events and donating,” comments Dr Christopher Kerr, CEO & CMO of HPCB. “A gift of this magnitude from Mr. Dodges adds to the wonderful legacy of giving within our community and strengthens our commitment to provide the highest quality of care to those in great need.”
Andrew is a proud Army Veteran. He served in World War II, was wounded during combat in France, and returned to the United States. As a 1950 University of Alabama graduate, he went on to have a full career as a civil engineer in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Andrew is proud of his time and service, so a special place will be created in the new Dodges Center to display his medals and pay tribute to all our Veterans.
In addition, a portion of Mr. Dodges gift will fund the Andrew J and Mary Ann Dodges fund to support hospice care for others in our community. This transformational gift is one that will create Andrew and Mary Ann’s legacy while also investing in the programs that support so many others in our community. It’s truly the gift that will keep on giving.