Expressive Therapies

Comfort, care, meaning and expression through the arts

Music, massage, and art therapies play an integral role in enhancing the quality of life and well-being of individuals and families under the care of our interdisciplinary team.

A song that comforts, a touch that soothes, a painting that captures

Our credentialed therapists address the physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs of individuals and families through various therapeutic arts interventions.

Discipline-specific techniques are designed to improve, maintain or enhance functioning and facilitate changes that contribute our patients’ overall quality of life and optimal well-being. The unique and dynamic nature of the expressive therapies we provide deeply resonate with physiological and neurological systems, helping to promoting expression, engagement, movement and connection, as they also create meaningful moments of beauty and joy for patients loved ones to experience together.

Benefits of our expressive therapies

  • Creative outlet for self-expression and interpersonal support
  • Non-pharmacological pain and symptom management
  • Improved mood, emotional and spiritual well-being
  • Decreased anxiety, loneliness and isolation
  • Increased relaxation and enhanced rest
  • Enhanced awareness of self and environment, as well as maximized cognition and orientation
  • Opportunities for joy, meaning-making, family process and legacy
  • Reminiscence and life review
  • Comfort, coping, relief and reassurance at the end of life
  • Grief expression and bereavement support

Our expressive therapists are woven into the interdisciplinary care teams and visit in all settings:

  • Individual homes
  • Assisted living and skilled nursing facilities
  • Group home residences
  • Hospice inpatient unit

Our expressive therapists are woven into our grief support services

  • Counseling and support groups
  • Youth-specific programming
    • Family support group: Storm Clouds & Rainbows
    • Children’s Bereavement Camp: Camp Blue Skies
"With nurse Deb and a team of supportive specialists, including a social worker and an art and music therapist, Grace is living her best life. "
– Candace and Jay (Grace’s parents)