Steve Tasker Visits Hospice Patient


Gary, a 65-year old retired electrician from West Seneca, has been a dedicated Bills fan since 1963 when they played at the old Rockpile – Buffalo’s War Memorial Stadium. Football games have become a family tradition — Gary gives season’s tickets to his boys and now his grandsons.

Gary’s wife passed under Hospice’s care just 5 years ago, so when his cancer didn’t show improvement from the treatment, he called Hospice Buffalo. He has loved the draft since he was a kid -- getting the magazines ahead of time to study all the players. Gary talked about going to the Bill’s pre-season game, but his Hospice Care Team wasn’t sure if he would make it – his health was declining.

We reached out to the Buffalo Bill’s Community Relations team to see if they could arrange a visit, preferably alumni from the Marv Levy era. Miraculously during training camp, Steve Tasker was able to visit Gary and spend some quality time talking about the Bill’s “golden years.” Gary’s expression was priceless when Steve entered his home. They talked as if they had been football buddies their entire lives. Steve even shared his comical personal draft story, bringing a smile to Gary’s face!

Gary said with gratitude, “How well you played the game! And how hard you played -- you made us proud!”

Steve added, “…but I truly felt like I won the lottery!”

Hospice Buffalo and the Buffalo Bills created a meaningful memory for Gary – one that his family will treasure forever.