Angel Fund

Helping to provide support for families in need

The Angel Fund was first created...

to provide support to the less fortunate patients and families we serve. Ongoing support of the fund is provided by our gracious donors, allowing us to expand on ways in which we are able to support our patients and families. The fund helps to support everything from ordinary, everyday needs, to unexpected, extraordinary requests. We value and respect each individual’s beliefs, and recognize the personal meaning and significance of holidays for a patient or family. There is no greater gift than to help those we serve at a time they may need it most.

A Cupboard That Is Anything But Bare

Another component of the Angel Fund is the Hubbell Cupboard - a “cupboard” stocked with the more common essentials provides our clinicians with access to immediately deliver these items to those in need. We are thankful to the Josephine Goodyear Foundation, Totally Buffalo Cares, and Phil Hubbell and his family for their support in helping make this stocked cupboard a reality. The Hubbell Cupboard provides items, such as food, clothing, and other basic needs to patients and families in need.

Creating Millions of Miracles Every Day

Creating lasting memories is another goal of the Angel Fund. A patient in our inpatient unit wished to experience the beach with his son, and The Angel Fund brought the beach to them for the day!

Angel-Fund-Logo_ (1).png

Donating to this fund will provide support for families in need and includes funding for life’s essentials, such as food, clothing, supplies, and assistance with utility payments and other basic needs.