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Spring Bouquet Sale
March 1-13, 2021

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The Hospice Spring Bouquet Sale has been marking the beginning of spring in Western New York for 35 years. Along with being the Hospice Foundation’s largest event, the Sale also brings much needed public awareness for Hospice & Palliative Care Buffalo and its mission.


Hospice Buffalos and Angel Ornament Sale

original 2 edited again.pngOrder your 2020 Buffalo and Angel today! 






Winter Solstice Time of Remembrance - Virtual Program

Please join us today for a virtual time of remembrance in honor of our loved ones and in recognition of shared loss and grief. The program is available for you to watch at anytime.

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Hospice Helpers are companies, schools, community groups and families that organize various fundraising events and activities to benefit Hospice Buffalo.


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