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Care for Them. Comfort for You. Hospice Buffalo Provides More Than You Expect

What is Hospice?

Hospice is a compassionate approach to end-of-life care. Our collaborative team of care providers is here to help people with serious illness live life fully, maintain their dignity, and ensure his or her quality of life is the best it can possibly be. In medieval times, hospices were inns of rest which “lodged, cherished and refreshed” the crusader, the sick and the dying. Today, hospice provides comfort-focused medical care, social support, and emotional and spiritual guidance for patients and families facing any end-of-life or long-term illness.

Who uses Hospice?

Hospice is available to anyone, from children to elderly adults, whose life expectancy is measured in months, rather than years. Some of the common diagnoses our patients have had are cancer, cardiac disease, renal disease, neurological illnesses, Lou Gehrig’s disease, AIDS, cirrhosis, leukemia, and even dementia. Whether providing care for pediatric, adult or elderly patients, hospice is here so you can worry less.

How can Hospice help?

Often, people who are very ill stop eating, lose weight, experience pain, or show other signs of declining health. Hospice Buffalo providers can help you understand how a disease progresses and help you decide on the best options for care through the various stages of dying. Through hospice care symptoms are managed so that people can live a full life with the support of family and friends.

Why Hospice Buffalo?

Unique physical, emotional, spiritual, social and financial needs often occur during the final phases of a terminal illness. Hospice Buffalo is comprised of a collaborative team of experienced, skilled, compassionate specialists who are here to help. Hospice is here to manage more than just pain and other symptoms. Our social workers, nurses, aides, and volunteers can address the current and approaching needs of you and your family members during any stage of terminal illness or dying. Your team of care providers is here to comfort, guide and support you, every step of the way. Our Hospice Buffalo team works with your attending physician and family to provide care that meets the patients’ wishes for treatment and lifestyle. In addition, more than 1,000 volunteers contribute vital services and support to patients and families. Your hospice care providers are truly here for you and your family before, during and after any serious illness. 

What services does Hospice Buffalo provide?

  • Hospice offers professional medical services, home health aides, social services, expressive therapies, spiritual care, bereavement counseling, and assistance with legal and other issues. 
  • Hospice also provides necessary equipment, medical supplies and prescription medications related to the patient’s illness.
  • Respite care (short-term care providing caregivers a temporary break) is provided at our inpatient unit.
  • Patient assessments and evaluations are performed in area hospitals

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Facts About Hospice Care

  • Studies show hospice patients live longer, on average, than those receiving standard care.*
  • Hospice patients experience fewer hospitalizations and fewer uncomfortable, invasive procedures.
  • You can keep your regular doctor.
  • You can opt out at any time.

*2010 study by the New England Journal of Medicine.

  • "My sister and my friends have been at Hospice and passed there. It is the most peaceful, compassionate place to be for the last days! You are welcome to visit at any hour! When I have seen others pass recently I thought ‘Why weren’t they at Hospice?’ They have a special staff there uniquely qualified for a special calling. God bless them and let us keep it going!"
    – Cindy Trojanowsky
  • "What an amazing place to trust the end-of-life care of a loved one."
    – James Kelly
  • "Wonderful staff! They made the process so much easier for me and my family. I couldn’t thank them any more for taking great care of my mother. Thank you all!"
    – Sissy Driscoll
  • I wish I could personally thank each person that helped us with my dad (if you knew him when he was well, you would have enjoyed his humor and zest for life)
    – Deborah
  • "Been a volunteer since my grandfather passed in Hospice due to the phenomenal care from Hospice. 100%."
    – Audra Hollander
  • "A wonderful place! The staff is very caring and compassionate, not only to the patient but their families too. I can’t thank them enough."
    – Janice Marie
  • "Hospice has offered me great comfort as I carry heavy grief. It is a sacred place for me; a place I still visit to visit with my Angels. Thank you Hospice for always being there for me."
    – Stacy Schwab
  • "I can’t say enough good things about Hospice Care! The care my mother was given was actually loving care. They did not treat her differently because she was in her 80s; they still took care of her. They all were wonderful, making sure she was turned when she was supposed to be, always made sure she was comfortable, talked to her as she was, a human being, even though she couldn’t talk anymore. Mom knew she was now in good care and so did we. They always made sure the family was doing OK also. I call them angels on Earth! Thank you for caring!"
    – Bernadette Spinnegan
  • "Not coming here but if you need the care this is a great place! The staff is unreal! They show in every way they are not robots they truly care! The facility is very comforting!"
    – Joe Caulfield Sr.
  • I admire all the people involved in Hospice. They are very strong and very tender...I know...had them for my wonderful husband Nick.
    – Evelyn, Buffalo
  • "They are all so caring and compassionate. Even the woman who cleaned my husband's room was so sweet and caring. I can't say enough good things about Hospice Buffalo."
    – Teresa Raiff Izzo
  • "Hospice made my dad’s last days more comfortable. But more importantly, they made things easier for my mother."
    – Rick Mahoney
  • "Music was a very important part of my family's life. I loved my mother's smile, and music therapy made her smile, every time, all the time. The music therapist often welcomed others in the nursing home to join in, giving my mother extra socialization. I will always be grateful for the care my mother received through Hospice Buffalo and the special extras like music therapy."
    – Lisa Feldman
  • “Imagine the miracle of someone saying to you, ‘Don’t worry about anything. If you need a doctor’s appointment or something from the grocery store, call me and I will have a volunteer pick it up for you. If you need somebody to help you with anything, call me. We are here for you.’ Such comforting words from my Social Worker.”
    – Shirley Rosenthal, Hospice & Palliative Care Buffalo Patient
  • "Hospice Buffalo is amazing! The in-home care and now the acute care my grandfather is receiving is the best. They are so supportive and such special people. Not only are they taking care of my sick grandfather but also taking care of us, the family, and checking in to make sure we ate too and be there for us to ask any questions. So thankful for Hospice Buffalo."
    – Ashley Marcantonio
  • "The help we received while my husband was sick at home was terrific and the counseling I received for the last 13 months after his passing was wonderful. I miss you all very much."
    – Lois, Tonawanda
  • “I really didn’t think anyone could help me until Home Connections became involved. Dr. Kerr visited me and gave his undivided attention, focusing on my symptoms and less on my disease. I finally feel like I will get back to normal one day. When the nurse from Home Connections came in, I felt so much relief that she was able to help communicate with all of my doctors. It’s very stressful to have to do all of that on my own. I cannot thank Home Connections enough for working to get me a new mattress. I can't believe someone would do this for me!”
    – Kim, Home Connections patient
  • "I've had several family and friends assisted through Hospice Buffalo. Each situation was unique to the other, but Hospice and their caring professionals were amazing in each."
    – Vickie Eberth
  • “We are so thankful for the angels sent to our family through Essential Care, for Matthew's wonderful, loving personality,
    the time we have as a family, and our faith.”
    – Linda Evans
  • "I absolutely love Hospice! The people that help us are all amazing. I've never been able to rely on people like I do with the group that is helping us. Everyone is on top of everything. The nicest people to deal with! I can't thank them enough."
    – Debbie M. Rich