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Camp Blue Skies welcomes children and teens, ages 7 through 17 in Western New York, who have experienced the death of a loved one, at least three months prior to the beginning of camp. Campers engage in therapeutic arts activities to facilitate expression, identification of supports and coping mechanisms, as well as opportunities for interpersonal connections, meaning-making and legacy. Feelings and responses related to grief and strategies to assist with the lifelong impact of grief are explored within a supportive and encouraging dynamic of shared experience.

Highlights of the weekend include: team-building and adventure activities, art and music experiences, bonfires, and much more. Campers gain new supports, treasured resources, and most importantly, cherished memories of friendship and tribute to their loved one. For more information call Karen Fanning at (716) 901-0289.


Mary & Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. 
Support Center

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WBLK’s Todd Anderson spoke with Abby Unger, Camp Director, and Jeannette, mom of camper, about how Camp Blue Skies helps grieving children... Listen now.