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Whatever you face, the services offered by Hospice & Palliative Care Buffalo can help you and your loved ones find a new way forward through life, illness and beyond. Both hospice and palliative care services help treat you – physically, emotionally, spiritually, and socially – to relieve the symptoms, pain and stress that can affect you and your loved ones.

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Palliative Care

We care for those who face a new challenge.

Palliative care services help individuals and families continue living day by day as they prepare for the next step.

Palliative care is available to those at any point in their serious illness, even while receiving treatment, so we can:

  • Improve our patients’ quality of life while focusing on symptom, pain and stress management
  • Provide care at home or in an assisted facility with 24/7 nursing access
  • Facilitate care beyond the physical with emotional encouragement at every stage
  • Reduce the need to visit the emergency room
  • Be accessible with select insurance coverage or options for private payment


Hospice Care

We help those who are ready for a plan.

Hospice care goes beyond just the one individual - and it is here before the next chapter.

Hospice care is the right fit for those who face a serious illness as we:

  • Comfort and improve the quality of life for both our patients and their families
  • Provide services at home or at a facility best suited for their specific needs
  • Develop care plans that make each transition as comfortable as possible
  • Ensure no one is denied care due to inability to pay. Medicaid, Medicare, and most commercial insurance plans cover Hospice care.


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