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Colette Matthews, a Home Care patient, relaxes with Hudson, Hospice & Palliative Care Buffalo's resident therapy dog.

Our Volunteer Teams

Volunteers provide invaluable support and hands-on care to our patients and families. Maybe you’ve had a personal experience with Hospice Buffalo and want to give back. Perhaps you’re a student looking to complete service hours. No matter your reason for choosing to help Hospice Buffalo, we’re eager to find a volunteer opportunity that fits with your interests, availability, and talents. We’ll provide you with all the training and support you need to be successful in your efforts.

Volunteers provide service in many different capacities, including:

Direct Care Volunteer

Spend precious time with and provide much needed support to patients and families in their homes, facilities such as hospitals or nursing homes, or in our in-patient unit in Cheektowaga. Be a friendly visitor for a patient who lives alone. Spend time with a patient to provide respite for their caregiver. Help us be here for more by celebrating patients birthdays and delivering a birthday cake on their special day.

Click here to learn more about how to become a Direct Care volunteer. Call Marsha Grimes at 989-2018.

Administrative Volunteer

Provide support such as answering phones, assembling mailers/packets, greeting visitors, and filing. Be the friendly face cashing out customers in our on-site bistro in Cheektowaga. Give to Hospice by volunteering to keep our multiple gardens well maintained for our patients and families to enjoy.

Click here to learn more about how to become an Administrative volunteer. Contact Lisa Nestico at 989-2360.

Special Events Volunteer Team

Volunteer to assist Hospice Buffalo with annual fundraising and awareness events, including our Spring Bouquet Sale and Memorial Walk. Click here to learn more about how to become a Hospice Buffalo Special Events volunteer. Contact Lisa Nestico at 989-2360.

Veterans Helping Veterans

Are you a veteran looking to be a companion to a patient who is also a veteran? This is a unique opportunity to offer support that only another veteran can. This program involves volunteers helping Hospice patients who are veterans through a critical time. A veteran companion is an integral part of assisting in the best end-of-life care. Hospice Veteran Volunteers visit patients in their homes, hospitals, nursing homes, or assisted living centers, as well as help at mealtime, engage in activities or even accompany patients on walks. Veteran companion volunteers are also here to listen. By lending an understanding ear, veteran patients can tell their story to someone who knows and recognizes their life events. Veteran companion volunteers also assist with planning events for patients and their families.

If you are a veteran and interested in learning more about becoming a veteran companion volunteer, call Marsha Grimes at 989-2018.

Our Volunteer Opportunities

Birthday Brigade

Everyone should be given the opportunity to celebrate their birthday with their loved ones, and we are looking for volunteers to make this happen for our patients. Volunteers must be willing and able to pick up the patient’s birthday cake at the Hospice Mitchell Campus and deliver it to the patient’s home or nursing facility. Please keep in mind that Hospice serves all of Erie County, so we are looking for volunteers near and far! Call Lisa Heintz (716) 989-2025 for more information.

Hairdresser Volunteers

You know how good a trip to the salon makes you feel, and many of our patients miss that feeling. If you hold a current cosmetology license and want to bring a smile to a homebound patient, we have the opportunity for you to volunteer at Hospice. Call Marsha Grimes at (716) 989-2018 for more information.

West Herr Comfort Cafe (In-Patient Unit)

Food is a universal comfort. That’s why the West Herr Comfort Café at the Mitchell Campus is here. We’re proud to offer our patients, families, visitors, and staff delicious cuisine to nourish both their selves and their souls. Hospice needs volunteers to help in this important amenity:

Monday – Friday, 7 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday, 9 a.m. – noon.
Call 716-989-2025 to sign up.

Homecare Volunteer

Do you have experience taking care of a loved one? Are you a former nurse? Did you start off volunteering in special events or administrative services and are looking for more patient contact? Become a homecare volunteer! Hospice volunteers are needed to provide respite, companionship and peace of mind for patients and their caregivers. Call Sue Eckel at (716) 989-2063 for more information.

In-Patient Unit Volunteer

Volunteers are needed in the Mitchell Campus Hospice Inpatient Unit to provide companionship, engage patients in activities, and be a calming presence for an anxious patient and/or family. If this peaks your interest, call 716-989-2018 for more information.

Interpreters Needed

Are you fluent in another language? Do you know sign language? If so, we could use your assistance! We are looking for volunteers that would be willing to accompany a clinician to a patient’s residence or one of our facilities to assist with interpreting for them on an as-needed basis. If you are interested, call 716-989-2063.

Service Learning or Community Service Hours

If your teen needs volunteer, service learning or community service hours for school, religion or a community organization, Hospice is the perfect place! A flexible schedule and multiple opportunities are available for teen volunteers. Multi-generational volunteering is a great experience. In fact, many of our youth volunteers continue to help Hospice after their assigned hours have finished, because they find their volunteer experience so fulfilling. To get involved, call 716-989-2025.

Sewing Volunteers Needed

Are you a crafter who loves to sew? We are looking for sewers and quilters to assist with our Treasured Threads program. This program involves specialized Hospice volunteers creatively piecing together “Treasured Threads” of a loved one to create a tangible lasting memory. Pillows, teddy bears and quilts are our most requested items. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer sewer or would like more information, call Lisa Nestico at  (716) 989-2360.

Want to Volunteer?

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Volunteer Orientation Dates:

3/18 - 4/8

If you have any questions, please contact the volunteer office: call 716-989-2014 or email volunteer@PalliativeCare.org

Attendance at all sessions is mandatory.
Orientation attendance is required for all volunteers wanting to interact directly with our patients/families, as well as administrative/clerical. Orientation takes places at:
Hospice Buffalo, 
225 Como Park Blvd.,

Click Here to View Photos of Volunteer Appreciation Dinner 2016

Volunteer Appreciation Day 
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“You folks do a really nice job of thanking us volunteers and we definitely appreciate it. As a volunteer I, in turn, would like to give a "shout out" to the Hospice staff for helping to make volunteering so rewarding. Their friendliness and general good natured-ness truly enhances the experience. Whenever people ask me what I like about volunteering at Hospice I always mention that they have such great people working there.... and it makes all the difference in world. So once again, THANK YOU ALL for making a world of difference!”

~Paul, a Bistro Buddy