Palliative Care Patient Stories

Ginny’s Story ~ Fighting to Feel Good

It’s been eleven years, but, that day is as clear in my mind as yesterday. 
Ginny, the youngest of four children, was diagnosed with cancer. She was four, in the final month of pre-K, getting ready to enjoy summer vacation with her siblings. She hadn’t been feeling well and seemed to have a virus, but there was a flu bug going around, so it wasn’t unusual. It was a Sunday morning and it was unusually hot for the beginning of June so we decided to go to grandma’s for a swim. As I was undressing her to put on her swimsuit, I had noticed a lump, the size of an egg, under her arm, that hadn’t been there that morning.  Read more

 “I really didn’t think anyone could help me until Home Connections became involved. Dr. Kerr visited me and gave his undivided attention, focusing on my symptoms and less on my disease. I finally feel like I will get back to normal one day… When the nurse from Home Connections came in, I felt so much relief that she was able to help communicate with all of my doctors. It’s very stressful to have to do all of that on my own.

I cannot thank Home Connections enough for working to get me a new mattress. I have not slept more than an hour in 9 months and am now able to sleep multiple hours at a time because of my comfortable bed!”

-Kim, Palliative Care Buffalo Patient

Dave_Stanfield.jpg"They monitor my wife often. It gives us confidence that we know how she is doing."
~Dave S. 


Regina-Markowitz.jpg"It has helped me a lot feeling more confident that there is someone I can call.
They help me by coming to the house."
~ Regina M. Palliative Care Buffalo Patient 

Ray-Gibbons.jpg"I have learned things about my health that I did not know before as a result of this program."
~ Ray G. Palliative Care Buffalo Patient