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Hospice Homecare

“My Mom, Stephania, passed away on June 4th 2016 under the exceptional care of Team 5. All were wonderful, however, I would like to take this opportunity to advise you and thank (nurse) Hilda for the wonderful, thoughtful and sincere care she showed in taking care of my Mom. I have a beautiful memory of my Mom’s face just lighting up and smiling when we would tell her that Hilda was coming to see her. There are just not enough adjectives to let you know how fortunate Hospice is for having such an outstanding, hardworking, beautiful, dedicated person as Hilda, who just went above and beyond what you could expect. Hilda even came to Mom’s wake and I’m sure my Mom knew and was smiling.

Enclosed is a check to Hospice in my Mom’s memory and I hope to do the same at Christmas and thereafter.”
-Patricia from Buffalo


Hospice in Nursing Homes 

Wells Hospice House
Beechwood Continuing Care
2235 Millersport Highway
Getzville, NY 14968-1219

Dear Mary and Staff,

I just wanted to take the time during the upcoming week of reflection to give thanks for our blessings and extend a genuine word of appreciation to everyone at Wells House for the kindness shown to me after the Memorial service on November 18th. The lovely service provided needed closure for me; however, the real highlight of the afternoon for me was being able to revisit Wells House to reunite with my mom’s caregivers! You have no idea how much the gesture meant to me and I will be forever grateful to Suzanne for suggesting that I visit. Just seeing Mary, Debbie, Maria, Shelly, Theresa and Toni made me feel at “home” again, surrounded by all the wonderful staff that provided stellar end-of-life care to my mom. Having taken care of mama all my life, admitting her to a facility was one of the worst days of my life that turned around to be a blessing in disguise. I learned another valuable lesson in life... good things can flow from heartache and sadness. As you all can attest, I enjoyed visiting mom at Wells during lunch and evenings. You provided an anchor for me while my world caved in and actually became a surrogate family since I had little support in that regard. I miss those visits!

In closing, I cannot admit the road I am walking has been easy since mom’s death. I endured life-altering challenges with no reprieve month-after-month. What little family I had, left my side; however, friends stepped into my life unexpectedly, providing a core group of support. They were casual friends, another lesson that God places the right people in all our lives at the right time knowing exactly what we need at a given moment! Through all the hardship, I interviewed twice and transferred within my company to a new position in Sales! Without a doubt I could not have endured everything without stepping into my mom’s shoes (literally, I do that from time to time) to acquire the strength and endurance she lived, right to her last breath. Thank you again for providing the peace in the midst of my storm knowing my mom was taken care of with dignity and compassion. Please feel free to share my Thanksgiving note of appreciation to anyone that touched my mom’s life (Renata, Camille, Suzanne...the list flows onward along with my heartfelt prayers that your lives are touched with continued blessings from Above. Muriel is in heaven now enjoying her pumpkin pie!

-Charmaine S., Cheektowaga

Hospice Inpatient Unit 

Pat & Patrick:
I hope that you both had a wonderful holiday! As I had mentioned to Patrick, my Mom was a patient at the facility five years ago and she died on Christmas Eve. This year, my brother, my nieces, and I wanted to visit the campus to walk around and reminisce. When we walked by my Mom’s room, it was empty (obviously recently, because two people were cleaning the room). My brother popped his head in and mentioned to the people that it had been my Mom’s room. Their response was amazing. They could NOT have been any kinder. They turned off the television and immediately vacated the room so that we could sit and talk about my Mom. They insisted that we take all the time we wanted, never returning until we had left the room. I might add, this was all done by them without me EVER identifying myself as being a Board member. (I did AFTERWARDS when I asked their names so that I could send this note). They could have easily, and understandably, told us that they had to get the room ready, etc. Instead, they identified the moment, and were wonderful Ambassadors for Hospice! Their names are: Joe Mitchell and Diane Grimm. We’re lucky to have them and the hundreds of other dedicated employees that embrace the mission! I trust that you will pass along our appreciation!

Happy New Year!

-Robert S.


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