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Social Work – Guiding your Journey


Social workers are an integral part of the Hospice interdisciplinary team – collaborating to support your loved one and assist family and caregivers through this difficult time.

As a key member of your Hospice care team, the social worker’s role is to advocate for each patient's wishes and help individuals address the emotional aspects of late-stage illnesses. They are specially-trained to help manage emotional distress and anticipated grief – bringing calmness to difficult situations through empathy, advocacy and problem solving. Hospice social workers also assist families with identifying local services and resources to provide additional support, as well as exploring and identifying the patient’s healthcare wishes and quality of life options.

Social Work Skills

  • Advocate 
  • Resource
  • Teacher
  • Counselor
  • Guide
  • Problem-solver

Social Work Services

  • Provide emotional support, guidance and encouragement
  • Navigate today’s complex healthcare system
  • Facilitate patient/family meetings
  • Refer and connect to community resources such as private-hire aides/home care agencies, assisted living facilities, long-term care/skilled nursing homes, etc. (i.e. Lifeline, Meals on Wheels, etc.): 
  • Educate about healthcare choices, Advance Care Planning and assist with completing Advance Directives (NYS Healthcare Proxy, DNR, MOLST, POA)
  • Assist with insurance and completing the Medicaid application
  • Assist with nursing home application