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Minister Michael Chapman
Pastor & CEO - St. John Baptist Church
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New Direction Announced for St. John Baptist Hospice Buffalo Inpatient Unit


Buffalo, NY May 19, 2015 - Minister Michael Chapman, Pastor and CEO of the St John Baptist Church and the Fruit Belt Community Development Corporation announced plans today for the conversion of the 8-bed St. John Baptist Hospice Buffalo Inpatient Unit at 111 Maple Avenue into a Community Health Care Clinic and Physicians Group Practice. Pastor Chapman stated, “The focus of the newly developed facility will be to meet the needs of our community and to service the growing health care needs in the area of preventive care and diseases that are specific to minorities and children.”  The unit is currently leased by Hospice Buffalo and serves hospice patients requiring acute, short-term care.

“We see this new chapter of service as a natural and responsible next step to promote better health and access to community-based health care,” notes Patricia Ahern, RN, MBA, FACHE, chief executive officer of The Center for Hospice & Palliative Care, Hospice Buffalo’s parent company. “We can easily accommodate hospice patients at our newly renovated Cheektowaga Inpatient Unit or at one of our partner long term care facilities in Erie County, so there will not be any loss of service.  All Hospice employees who work at St. John’s Hospice facility will be offered a position within the organization. Hospice will offer to maintain a community presence at the converted St. John facility to provide palliative [symptom-focused] care consultation services.”

To alleviate any logistical concerns that inner city hospice patients may have while being in the Cheektowaga facility, Hospice Buffalo plans to provide transportation, if needed, for families of these patients to the Mitchell Hospice Campus to visit their loved ones.             

The St. John Baptist Fruit Belt Development Corporation is working with Hospice Buffalo to negotiate the terms and conditions related to the remainder of the lease for the facility. Hospice Buffalo and St. John Baptist Church began collaborating in 2003 to address the end of life care needs of minorities who traditionally had been under served by Hospice.  Opening in 2008, the Hospice collaboration was the first of its kind in the nation and succeeded in increasing access to hospice service through a faith-based led outreach and education initiative.   

Hospice Buffalo serves more than 500 patients with serious illness and their families every day in homes, hospitals, assisted living residences, nursing homes and inpatient units. The agency was recently recognized with a “Hospice Honors” designation for providing the best patient and caregiver experience.



  • "Hospice Buffalo is amazing! The in-home care and now the acute care my grandfather is receiving is the best. They are so supportive and such special people. Not only are they taking care of my sick grandfather but also taking care of us, the family, and checking in to make sure we ate too and be there for us to ask any questions. So thankful for Hospice Buffalo."
    – Ashley Marcantonio
  • “Imagine the miracle of someone saying to you, ‘Don’t worry about anything. If you need a doctor’s appointment or something from the grocery store, call me and I will have a volunteer pick it up for you. If you need somebody to help you with anything, call me. We are here for you.’ Such comforting words from my Social Worker.”
    – Shirley Rosenthal, Hospice & Palliative Care Buffalo Patient
  • I admire all the people involved in Hospice. They are very strong and very tender...I know...had them for my wonderful husband Nick.
    – Evelyn, Buffalo
  • "They are all so caring and compassionate. Even the woman who cleaned my husband's room was so sweet and caring. I can't say enough good things about Hospice Buffalo."
    – Teresa Raiff Izzo
  • "My sister and my friends have been at Hospice and passed there. It is the most peaceful, compassionate place to be for the last days! You are welcome to visit at any hour! When I have seen others pass recently I thought ‘Why weren’t they at Hospice?’ They have a special staff there uniquely qualified for a special calling. God bless them and let us keep it going!"
    – Cindy Trojanowsky
  • "Hospice made my dad’s last days more comfortable. But more importantly, they made things easier for my mother."
    – Rick Mahoney
  • “We are so thankful for the angels sent to our family through Essential Care, for Matthew's wonderful, loving personality,
    the time we have as a family, and our faith.”
    – Linda Evans
  • "Been a volunteer since my grandfather passed in Hospice due to the phenomenal care from Hospice. 100%."
    – Audra Hollander
  • “I really didn’t think anyone could help me until Home Connections became involved. Dr. Kerr visited me and gave his undivided attention, focusing on my symptoms and less on my disease. I finally feel like I will get back to normal one day. When the nurse from Home Connections came in, I felt so much relief that she was able to help communicate with all of my doctors. It’s very stressful to have to do all of that on my own. I cannot thank Home Connections enough for working to get me a new mattress. I can't believe someone would do this for me!”
    – Kim, Home Connections patient
  • "The help we received while my husband was sick at home was terrific and the counseling I received for the last 13 months after his passing was wonderful. I miss you all very much."
    – Lois, Tonawanda
  • "A wonderful place! The staff is very caring and compassionate, not only to the patient but their families too. I can’t thank them enough."
    – Janice Marie
  • "Shout out to Hospice Buffalo home health Team 5 who has been helping us with dad the past couple of months. They sent him a nice Veteran’s Day card with a star from an old flag. They are all so nice from his two aids, nurse, social worker, massage and music therapist, who sings and plays guitar, and even the volunteer who cut his hair along with my sister, sister-in-law and brother. It takes a village! But I know he appreciates the help and company, and being able to stay in his home. Update: Hospice continues to be kind to my dad. I know Medicare pays for expenses and that is wonderful too but the care given is great. He turned 94 on the December 3rd. Hospice brought him nice cards, a lap blanket, and his favorite chocolate cake with chocolate frosting! Thanks again!"
    – Lynda Gordon
  • "I absolutely love Hospice! The people that help us are all amazing. I've never been able to rely on people like I do with the group that is helping us. Everyone is on top of everything. The nicest people to deal with! I can't thank them enough."
    – Debbie M. Rich
  • "I can’t say enough good things about Hospice Care! The care my mother was given was actually loving care. They did not treat her differently because she was in her 80s; they still took care of her. They all were wonderful, making sure she was turned when she was supposed to be, always made sure she was comfortable, talked to her as she was, a human being, even though she couldn’t talk anymore. Mom knew she was now in good care and so did we. They always made sure the family was doing OK also. I call them angels on Earth! Thank you for caring!"
    – Bernadette Spinnegan
  • "I've had several family and friends assisted through Hospice Buffalo. Each situation was unique to the other, but Hospice and their caring professionals were amazing in each."
    – Vickie Eberth