Letter: Learn the benefits of hospice, palliative care

November is National Hospice and Palliative Care Month, and I urge all to advocate for specialty care and support, when affected with symptoms and stresses associated with serious illness.

Palliative care delivers expertise to improve the quality of life and relief from pain at home. It can be provided at any time during an illness – during and after treatment. Hospice offers an interdisciplinary approach for those with life-limiting illness that includes medical care, as well as emotional and spiritual support. The hospice team addresses each patient’s unique needs, while also supporting caregivers and loved ones.

After my wife, Angela, was diagnosed with ALS it was clear we needed additional support to keep her comfortable. We turned to Hospice & Palliative Care of Buffalo. Nurses, doctors, massage therapy and durable equipment were all provided at home, and once she moved to the Mary and Ralph Wilson Jr. in-patient unit, the level of care elevated to keep her from suffering from pain.

The staff was always focused on her needs and ensuring support for the family. Grief counseling was available after her passing. From the start of our journey, we experienced caring and supportive staff at every level.

The best time to learn about hospice or palliative care is before you are faced with a medical crisis. It’s never too early to learn about your care options.

Dan Riordan


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