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Mike Donovan – A Career of Change that Takes One Candidate Full Circle - February 16, 2021

HPCB Names New Medical Director - January 27, 2021

"Death is but a Dream" by Dr. Christopher Kerr

As Death Approaches, Our Dreams Offer Comfort, Reconciliation - March 1, 2021

Alan Pergament: Hospice Documentary Gives a Moving, Dreamy, Comforting Look at Dying - February 18, 202


Dr. Christopher Kerr has cared for thousands who, in the face of death, speak of finding love, insight, and grace.They reveal that there is hope beyond cure as they transition to focus on personal meaning. In this extraordinary and beautiful book, Dr. Kerr shares his patients' stories and his own research pointing to death as not purely the end of life, but as a final chapter of humanity and transcendence. Read more>>

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Death is But a Dream - A Public Television Documentary Event - February 22, 2021

Christopher Kerr’s life-changing observations on dying – January 1, 2021

Dying Needs to be Recognized as More Than Medical Failure of the Physical Suffering We Either Observe or Experience - July 29, 2020

What we can learn from End-of-Life Dreams, Goop - April 10, 2020

Dignity for the Dying: A Conversation with Drs. Christopher Kerr and Carine Mardorossian - February 26, 2020

Hospice Doctor Finds Calm in Observations And Interview Pre-Death. KPCW News - February 20, 2020

Finding Hope and Meaning at End of life, PyschCentral - February 16, 2010

How Dream and Visions and End of life Experiences Help people Prepare for Death, Washington Post - February 15, 2020

LA Talk Radio, On the Couch with Dr. Michelle Cohen - February 14, 2020

Working in Hospice Changed My Perspective on Death, Thrive Global - February 11, 2020

A Hospice Doctor On Why We Should Talk More About End-Of-Life Experiences, MBG - February 11, 2020

Book Review - Openly Bookish Review - January 30, 2020

Let’s Talk Death with Heal Grief - January 30, 2020

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I See Dead People: Dreams and Visions of the Dying

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