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News 4–WIVB Covers End of Life Dreams Study   

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George Richert interviewed Hospice Buffalo's Dr. Christopher Kerr regarding his End-of-Life Dreams Study on News 4 WIVB Buffalo.  Click to view interview

 CHEEKTOWAGA NY (WIVB) Hospice Buffalo is gaining worldwide attention for years of study involving the vivid dreams that dying patients report having in their final days of life.

“Everybody I knew that was dead was there,” said the late Jeanne Faber, a former patient of Hospice Buffalo who is one of hundreds of patients who Hospice Buffalo interviewed on video shortly before her death about her very vivid end of life dreams.

She says the dreams became more frequent the sicker she became. “I have seen my mother, recently more. “I can’t say that my mother and I got along all those years, but we made up for it in the end,” said Faber.

“As soon as I started here, this seemed to be common knowledge among people who work with dying patients and who were closer to the bedside,” said Dr, Christopher Kerr, CEO of Hospice Buffalo. “I ended up studying it because as I came to appreciate that there was this kind of subjective or non-physical element to dying, that it was important an inherently therapeutic.” 

 What Happens at the End of Life

Dr. Kerr discusses what happens at the end of life in a sit down conversation with Risa Morimoto of Modern Aging. 

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"death is but a dream"
Book by Dr. Chris Kerr, CEO & CMO

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Explore meaningful dreams and visions that bring comfort as death nears. Click to read more & pre-order book

Dr. Christopher Kerr has cared for thousands who, in the face of death, speak of finding love, insight, and grace.They reveal that there is hope beyond cure as they transition to focus on personal meaning. In this extraordinary and beautiful book, Dr. Kerr shares his patients' stories and his own research pointing to death as not purely the end of life, but as a final chapter of humanity and transcendence. Read more>>

Book will be published
February, 2020. 
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I See Dead People: Dreams and Visions of the Dying

Dr. Christopher Kerr | TEDxBuffalo





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Awards and Recognition

Terri-Ryan.jpgTerri Ryan, RN,
Director of Essential
Care & Perinatal Program, was the recipient of Western NY Perinatal Bereavement Network’s “Community Nurse of the Year” award at their annual Elegant Evening to Remember in May. Previously, Terri was a high-risk maternity nurse for 11 years.