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Collect the Memories and Support Hospice Buffalo

With your gift of $55 or more, you will receive this year's commemorative bell inscribed with the name of your loved one. A tag and bow will be placed on the Light-A-Life trees at CTG, 800 Delaware Avenue. Order your bell today – it is a wonderful way to remember your loved one or to give as a gift of love. 

Click to purchase your Light-A-Life Bell

Evergreen Society

Gifts of $750 ($655 is tax-deductible)  or Gifts of $500  ($405 is tax-deductible)

  • Receive a live dwarf Alberta Spruce tree, professionally decorated by The Trillium's Courtyard Florist, which can be planted after the holidays. Artificial trees are available upon request.
  • The 2018 bell, inscribed with your loved one's name, including stand.
  • Your name and your loved one's name on the Evergreen Society plaque at CTG.
  • A tag and green bow with your loved one's name on the Light-A-Life trees.
  • For a gift of $750: In addition, a decorated tree will be donated to one of our Hospice families in need, as a gift from you.
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