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Our Beautiful Spring Bouquets Are Back! 

Become a part of the 36th Annual Hospice Spring Bouquet Sale today.

The Hospice Spring Bouquet Sale has been marking the beginning of spring in Western New York for 36 years. Along with being the Hospice Foundation’s largest event, the Sale also brings much needed public awareness for Hospice & Palliative Care Buffalo and its mission. 

Without the support of our Bouquet Sale coordinators, this event would not be the tremendous success it is today. Check out the Coordinator Resource Center to learn how easy it is to become a Hospice Spring Bouquet Sale Coordinator.

If you have not pre-ordered your bouquet you can visit one of our participating florists, public sites, and flower trucks from March 9-12.

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Coordinator Sign-Up
Coordinator Resource Center
Public Sites/Flower Truck



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