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Here with Help – Your Referral to Hospice goes Beyond Traditional Medical Care

Patient Referral & Physician Services

Hospice & Palliative Care Buffalo is here for more than just “end-of-life” care. We’re here to help you improve the quality of life of your patients.

We share your commitment - Hospice is here to help physicians and healthcare providers achieve improved outcomes for patients facing serious illness. When you’re just not comfortable having these tough conversations, we can either train you and your team or talk to your patient for you.

We’re here to provide supportive care for families and coordinated care for patients.

The benefits of Hospice don’t stop there. Research shows that hospice care reduces ER visits as well as improving comfort and quality of life during terminal illness.

Hospice interdisciplinary teams collaborate with you to provide the most compassionate and comprehensive care, spiritual and psycho-social support, personal care and bereavement services. We also offer specialized Palliative Care programs for those not yet ready for hospice, as well as for veterans, children and women who learn of a serious illness while pregnant

Common Questions

Can I bill Medicare or commercial insurance for services once my patients are referred to Hospice?

Yes, you can. Primary attending physicians continue to bill Medicare Part B and other carriers for the patient’s regular office visits or for all covered services. New billing codes are also available for care plan oversight, so reimbursement can be obtained for telephone calls to nurses, as well as patients.

Do commercial insurance plans have hospice benefits?

Most third-party payers now have a hospice benefit, similar to the Hospice Medicare Benefit.


Make A Referral

If you’re ready to refer your patient to Hospice & Palliative Care Buffalo, the process is simple. Have the patient’s insurance and personal information handy and either call 716-686-8077 or complete the patient’s information on our secure site.  

With the help of Hospice, your valuable time with your patient or loved one can be spent on what you feel is most important. We will partner with you to offer your patients exceptional care, support and guidance.