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Here with Experience – Know When Your Patient is Ready for Hospice

Hospice Eligibility

As a physician, your job is to cure patients. Some physicians hesitate to refer their patients to Hospice because patients may feel that their physician is giving up hope. However, studies show that patients who choose hospice or palliative care live, on average, two months longer than patients who seek traditional curative treatment, such as chemotherapy.* 

Patient Assessment

  • Terminal illness with prognosis of 6 months or less
  • Needs help with pain- and symptom-management
  • Weight loss of more than 10 lbs. in the past month
  • Chronic infections or wounds that won’t heal
  • Needs help with personal care/hygiene 
  • 3 or more than visits to ER/Urgent Care in past 6 months

Call Hospice to Make a Referral 

Hospice Buffalo is here to make sure your time with your patient can be spent on what you feel is most important. We’re here to partner with you to provide the best care and support to your patients. This includes education and assistance for you and your staff on how to best handle initiating hospice care, and how to discuss hospice options with your patients without implying “hopelessness.”

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*2016 Study published in the New England Journal of Medicine


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Hospice Education

Knowing when to refer a patient for evaluation may be difficult. We are here to help. Email Education@PalliativeCare.org


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