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Hospice Case Studies & Journal Articles

Case Studies

Journal Articles

The ELDER Project: Evaluating End-of-Life Knowledge among Health Care Providers
Mager, Diana R.; Lange, Jean W.
Journal of Hospice & Palliative Nursing. 18(1):22-28, February 2016.

Delirium: Opportunity for Comfort in Palliative Care
Close, Jacqueline F.; Long, Carol O.
Journal of Hospice & Palliative Nursing. 14(6):386-394, August 2012.

Anticipatory Grief: An Evidence-Based Approach
Journal of Hospice & Palliative Nursing. 18(1):20-21, February 2016.

Ethical Issues in Caring for Prison Inmates with Advanced Cancer
Journal of Hospice & Palliative Nursing. 18(1):13-14, February 2016.

End-of-Life Care in the Hispanic Community
O’Mara, Susan K.; Zborovskaya, Yanina
Journal of Hospice & Palliative Nursing. 18(1):53-59, February 2016.

Palliative Care in Heart Failure
The PAL-HF Randomized, Controlled Clinical Trial, 
Joseph G. Rogers, MD, Chetan B. Patel, MD, Robert J. Mentz, MD, Bradi B. Granger, PHD, MSN, RN,Karen E. Steinhauser, PHD, Mona Fiuzat, PHARMD, Patricia A. Adams, BSN, CCRC, Adam Speck, BS,Kimberly S. Johnson, MD, Arun Krishnamoorthy, MD, Hongqiu Yang, PHD, Kevin J. Anstrom, PHD, Gwen C. Dodson, MSN, Donald H. Taylor, JR, PHD, MPA, Jerry L. Kirchner, BS, CCRP, Daniel B. Mark, MD, Christopher M. O’Connor, MD, James A. Tulsky, MD, July 2017

Annals of Internal Medicine®
Keith M. Swetz, MD, MA, Arif H. Kamal, MD, MBA,MHS,
March 2018

Site of Death, Place of Care, and Health Care Transitions
Joan M. Teno,MD, MS; Pedro Gozalo, PhD; Amal N. Trivedi, MD, MPH; Jennifer Bunker, MPH; Julie Lima, PhD; Jessica Ogarek, MS; Vincent Mor, PhD
Among US Medicare Beneficiaries, 2000-2015, June 2018