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Grief and the Holidays 

The holidays are traditionally a time of family, laughter and joy. For those are grieving or have a seriously ill loved one, the holidays can be a time of mixed emotion and challenge. How does one cope with the extra demands of the approaching holiday season? Our Grief and the Holidays programs can be resource of support to assist you during this time, offering opportunity for reflection and guidance.  

grief and the holidays
coping through the season with help from the Wilson Support Center ~ by Abigail Unger

Buffalo Healthy Living December 2018

During the holidays we are accustomed to finding ourselves surrounded by the love and warmth of family and friends. We cherish the depth and beauty of these connections and attribute meaning to our shared traditions and rituals. We anticipate togetherness, celebration, comfort, laughter, and joy. For those who are grieving or have a seriously ill loved one, the holidays can magnify the realities of our loss as the actuality of the void left by our loved one, or the heightened recognition of an impending loss takes hold... Continue reading on page 31 of December's Buffalo Healthy Living 

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To register, please call the Wilson Support Center at 901-0289 or email kfanning@palliativecare.org