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Show your love with a Hospice Memorial.

Tributes and Memorials

Tribute Donations

Make a donation to Hospice in memory or honor of someone special. Those who have lost a loved one will be truly comforted by your caring support and thoughtfulness. When you make a gift to Hospice Buffalo, notification is sent to the person or family you indicate. The amount of the donation is not disclosed. You will receive an acknowledgement from the Hospice Foundation of WNY for your tax-deductible gift. Tribute donations of $50 or more will be printed in our Journeys newsletter.


Designated Memorials

When the time comes, you may designate Hospice Buffalo as the beneficiary of memorial gifts. Doing so will let your family and friends know that your preference is to have your loved one memorialized with a gift to Hospice.

When Hospice memorial gifts accumulate to a total of $2,000 or more in an individual’s name, that person's name will be inscribed on a granite pillar in our Memory Garden. We recognize these individuals annually in our Memory Garden located on the grounds of the Mitchell Campus. It is a beautiful legacy for your loved one.

The Hospice Foundation is grateful to the families of the following individuals who designated memorials:

Feb 3 – Feb. 16

Linda J. Abulone

Florence Bankoske

Gerald L. Baskey, Esq.

Arlene M. Becker

Norbert A. Burger

Edith M. Buscaglia

Catherine L. Catania

Genesio Ciminelli

Dennis L. Corsette

Rita M. Daly

Rose M. Davern

Mary Lou Drum

Patricia Eberhardt

Catherine M. Galbo

Michael J. Geiger

Rose M. Giangreco

Theresa J. Golata

Richard A. Grimm, Jr.

Deborah Hens

Robert W. Hetzel

George E. Horan

Charles F. Kaufman

David K. Kelchlin

Herbert R. Knox

Margaret Mary Kraft

Gregory O. Kuehne

Grace L. Lewis

Michael J. Maloney

Anna M. Marukic

Norman P. Mathien

Richard G. Matty

Anthony J. Merritt

Joseph F. "Dale" Messmer

Irene Metzger

William Meyers

Renzo Nylander, D.D.S.

David J. Pierowicz

Barbara A. Pietrzak

Richard W. Sak

Michael A. Sansone

Adrianne Schmigel

William F. Schweitzer

Geraldine R. Sessanna

Earla Z. Shred

Russell J. Sorce

Elva V. Spellburg

Daniel L. Szafranski

Loretta I. Szczesniak

James A. Tagliaferro, Jr.

Ruth N. Tedesco

Valerie F. Valent

Evelyn Wellington

Joseph M. Yacos

Lori A. Zehler

John Zmijewski























































































Feb 17 – Mar 2

Charles A. Acquisto

Theresa June Blanch Aversa

Donald R. Bace

Thomas H. Bachwitz

Lois W. Becker

Palmo Bologna

Mary C. Briatico

Alan K. Bruce

Florence D. Bukowski

Lawrence A. Cronin

Leo T. Crowley, Jr., D.D.S.

Anthony J. Dispenza

John J. Ettaro

Milo P. Faley

Bernice C. Fiegl

Ellen E. Furmanek

Robert E. Goembel

Richard E. Greco, Sr.

Peter P. Guido

Imam Abdul Aleem Hassan

David G. Hollingworth

Thomas L. Jensen

Donna A. Lange

Mariellen Linder

Karen M. Louth

Barbara J. Markiewicz

Eileen G. Meegan

James Montondo, Sr.

Jean Neilson

Leah Mae Nihill

Martha W. Norget

Laurette Ann Oak

Helen D. Oswald

Sharon L. Platz

Rita C. Reardon

Delbert Ray Ressler

Peter W. Rice

Edward W. Schottke, Jr.

Angeline Smith

Jeannette K. Steiner

Olga Strzalka

Geraldine Sugg

Elaine E. Trimper

Reverend Harold E. Tyson, Jr.

Rosemary E. Walter

Joan A. Warda

Clayton F. Zehr

Genevieve Ziolkowski







Mar 2 – Mar 16

Marylou C. Abbott

Anthony E. Abram

Michael E. Campbell

Barbara J. Chojnacki

Samuel Curto, Jr.

Catherine A. David

Michael P. Davidovich

Donald J. Dixon

Marilyn J. Dolce

Charles J. "Charlie" Donner

Shirley M. Felsman

Margaret J. Fiorella

David C. Forness

Dorothy E. Forster

Robert M. Funk

Angeline R. Galasso

Irene G. Gerwitz

Jeanne M. Hammer

Lynn P. Harkness

Rose Marie Henzler

Gertrude M. Huber

Rita J. Ippolito

Claudia A. James

Helen Kasprzak

Louis F. Kozlowski

Albert M Kraus, M.D.

Lorraine M. Lemon-Benware

Clare M. Marks

Florence M. Michaels

Shirley A. Michno

Mary J. North

Jeanette C. Pajak

Nancy Jane Peinkofer

Bette Lou Robins

Young W. Russell

Reverend Orrin J. Schlegel

Kenneth A. Schmidt

George W. Schulz

Dorothy Scibor

Doris R. Scott

Leonard Silver

Joseph R. Supples

Robert J. Walsh, Sr.

Donald J. Wendel

Jean C. Wolfe

Diane B. Wynia


Ask your Funeral Director to insert the following into the obituary notice:

“The family requests memorial contributions be made to: The Hospice Foundation of WNY, 225 Como Park Blvd. Cheektowaga, NY 14227”


The Hospice Foundation is a qualified 501(c) (3) non-profit charitable organization, tax ID 22-3137812. All gifts are tax deductible as provided by law.

Make checks payable to:
The Hospice Foundation of WNY
P.O. Box 590
Buffalo, NY 14240-0590

phone_icon_greydark.png 716-686-8090

Fax: 716-686-8181