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The Lemonade Stand


Rory Quinn, his siblings and cousins love “Grandpa Days.” It is exciting! Each of them waits in anticipation for their own special day to experience the next adventure with a fun and loving granddad. Unfortunately, Grandpa Days were becoming less frequent as 66-year old Grandpa Quinn bravely battled kidney cancer. Over 2 years, he went through surgery, chemo, radiation and finally immunotherapy. After a few good months, the cancer unfortunately returned and on July 13, he enrolled in the hospice program at The Mary & Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Hospice Inpatient Unit – an extremely sad day for them all.

Grand kids Gavin (10), Keira (9), Charlie and Owen (8), Rory (7) and Colleen (4) visited Grandpa Quinn after barely seeing him over the last month. They shared memories, hugs and tears in the short time they spent with him. Two rooms down the hall, their best friends, Claire and Brady Sullivan, and Matthew, Lucas and Maeve Mihalics, were experiencing the same emotions for their great grandmother, Margaret Thexton.

As they left, Rory told his mom, Meghan Quinn, “I want to do a lemonade stand to help grandpa and all the people at Hospice taking care of him.”

The very next day, Rory, his siblings, cousins and best friends set up their lemonade stand. It became an instant success for their mission. Posted on social media, their story spread fast and the South Buffalo community came together in support of these two Hospice Buffalo patients and their families. Neighbors, friends and members of the community came out in droves to get their glass of lemonade. Those who could not get there gave their support through online donations. This group of amazing children raised over $1,000 for Hospice Buffalo in just a few days!

Gavin, Keira, Charlie, Owen, Rory, Colleen,
Claire, Brady, Matthew, Lucas and Maeve,
Our most heartfelt gratitude for your thoughtfulness, passion and ambition.

Special thanks to the children’s parents: Meghan and Kevin Quinn; Shannon and Raymond Krug; and Ray and Katie Sullivan, for sharing this beautiful story on Facebook and allowing us to share with our Hospice Buffalo community.

Sadly, Kevin J. Quinn passed on July 15 and Margaret A. Thexton passed on July 16.





“A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.” – Amelia Earhart