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Philip Friona, our Dad, did it his way.  A no-nonsense kind of man, our Dad worked hard, played hard, and putFall Appeal Social 2021 (1).png his family before anything.  He was an Airforce Veteran who served in Korea, and later grew a local family construction and pavement business. A single parent, our Dad raised us, Teri, Phil, Paula and Mary, in a manner in which we learned love, a hard-work ethic, fun and most of all, generosity.

Later in life, our father unfortunately became ill with dementia and a chronic heart condition.  During one of his visits, his son Phil noticed his deteriorating health.  Our Dad was rushed to the hospital and we all rushed to be by his side. 

When we arrived, we were asked if we wanted our Dad to go into hospice care.  Admittedly, none of us were fully aware of the programs and services of hospice care.  As a family, we had long been supporters of the organization, but had never needed their help so personally before.  As many do when first hearing the word hospice, we panicked. We were devastated and sad.  How quickly we were shown the true meaning of hospice.

Fall Appeal Social 2021 (2).pngWe were immediately comforted by and grateful for our decision to place our dad under the care of Hospice.  They were compassionate and informative, explaining medications and what to expect.  The nurse shared the importance of our being present and cherishing the time together.  We, his children and extended family, proceeded to spend the next three days reminiscing and laughing about all the fun memories he created for us over the years - all while Dad’s favorite Frank Sinatra’s hits played on in the room.

Everyday Hospice & Palliative Care Buffalo cares for individuals suffering from serious illness, as well as their families and caregivers. It is their belief that everyone coping with serious illness deserves to direct their own course of care and to live in comfort, with grace, dignity and peace.  Fall Appeal Social 2021 (3).png

The knowledgeable, compassionate staff helps patients – and their loved ones – make choices about their care and support those who are grieving. This staff consists of nurses, doctors, home health aides, social workers, spiritual care counselors and expressive therapists.  We need your help so HPCB can continue to provide care, support and advocacy to allow everyone impacted by serious illness and loss the possibility of doing things their way.

With his family by his side and the help of Hospice, dad passed peacefully, surrounded by love, just as he had hoped.  We are so thankful our father was under Hospice care during his last days with us.  Hospice provided a peace and comfort we didn’t know was possible. 

Fall Appeal Social 2021 (4).pngPlease consider a gift today. Your philanthropic dollars ensure this level of care and compassion continues to be there for everyone in our community.  For the support you provide HPCB, we thank you. 

With grateful hearts,

Philip Friona’s children; Teri, Phil, Paula and Mary