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A Rolling Stones Experience


53261_cmyk.jpgDuring a time that can be daunting and uncertain, Hospice & Palliative Care Buffalo (HPCB) will take every measure possible to brighten the lives of those we assist. Haylee, Jacqueline’s home health care aide and devoted Hospice team member, knew instantly how in love Jacqueline and her husband Mike were, sharing how Jacqueline’s face would light up each time she saw her husband.  This unwavering love made Mike’s goal very clear – to do anything he could to make her happy in her final days.

The pandemic had just begun, but when Tom, their Hospice Spiritual Care Counselor, received a special request from Mike, he knew he was going to do all he could to make it happen. Mike hoped to renew his and Jacqueline’s wedding vows. A marriage that spanned 23 years filled with memories of playing bingo, dancing and attending Rolling Stones concerts. Inseparable for decades, knowing their time together was nearing its end, one more memory was hoped to be made and Hospice was going to help. 

53263_cmyk.jpgWith roses and a wedding cake, Haylee, who spent five days a week with them for months and was now like family, captured this love-infused moment on video. Tom officiated the ceremony which included lyrics from their favorite Rolling Stones song. As this took place, the experiences of their past breathed a fullness of life into a time in which one’s days were actually drawing to a close. As they revisited their declarations of love and devotion, Jacqueline grew weaker. Her ability to repeat all she shared 23 years prior became difficult but in that moment, Jacqueline was able to say one more “I love you”. 

At Hospice Buffalo, it is our firm belief everyone coping with serious illness deserves to direct their course of care and to fully live in comfort, with grace, dignity and peace. It is our goal to treat the whole person – physically, emotionally and spiritually. Arranging the request of a vow renewal may seem lofty, but each and every day we work to fulfill the wishes of our patients and families, big or small. With HPCB, our patients and their families receive a host of services which work together seamlessly to provide the very best care and comfort possible. This team consists of nurses and doctors, home health aides, social workers and spiritual care counselors. We need your help so we can continue to provide care, support, advocacy and wish-granting to people impacted by serious illness and loss.53274_cmyk.jpg

Jacqueline passed just one day after her beautiful wedding renewal. As Tom later expressed, “You can see the magic was much more in them and their love than in anything Hospice did.  As Hospice team members, we simply get the blessing of being the conduit for something we know is way beyond us.” 

We hope we can count on your support of Hospice & Palliative Care Buffalo. To ensure our care and compassion continues to be the best it can be we need your help. For all you do, we thank you.

With Gratitude,
Your Hospice family




Haylee, Home Health Aide      Tom, Spiritual Care Counselor