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Corporate Spotlight ~ Independent Health

“We have always valued the work of Hospice, and the value it brought to our members when they reached the point in their lives when they and their physicians determined that Hospice services were appropriate.”

~ Kathleen M. Mylotte, M.D., associate medical director, quality and disease management

Hospice Buffalo is proud to partner with Independent Health, not only as our organization’s health care provider but through their support of our major fundraising events. In 2017, Independent Health will have a significant sponsorship presence at the Hospice Memorial Walk, the Summer Affair, and the Harvest Fest. Independent Health also supports Hospice Buffalo through their memorial giving, capital gifts and in kind donations, spanning back to 1992.

Independent Health’s Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Nora McGuire, serves on the Hospice Foundation’s Board of Directors. She states that “Helping others is a mindset that is an integral part of the associates at Independent Health. It is what we call, “The Red Shirt Treatment.” That includes how we service our members and how we support our community. Being able to support an organization like Hospice that helps people at very difficult times in their life’s journey is an honor for our associates at Independent Health.”

HHA3_cropped.jpgLisa Wardynski, Director, Internal Communications and Community Relations for Independent Health and Patrick Flynn, President of Hospice Buffalo Foundation.

In 2008, Hospice Buffalo partnered with Independent Health to establish Home Connections. Dr. Kathleen Mylotte, associate medical director, at Independent Health recalls, “Dr. Robert Milch, the first medical director of Hospice Buffalo, established from the very early days of the Hospice Buffalo organization, a high-quality service focused on clinical principles of patient-centered care. When we began to explore home-based palliative care services in conjunction with Hospice, our two organizations began to collaborate more closely in developing a program that eventually became Home Connections. This program is now available community wide, and we currently have over 180 patients enrolled.”

Independent Health has participated as a pre-sale site for the Hospice Spring Bouquet Sale since 2003. Janelle Davino, a receptionist at Independent Health, has been a coordinator for the annual Hospice Spring Bouquet Sale for the past four years. This year, more than 100 bouquets were purchased by Independent Health associates. “I took on the task and found it very rewarding,” said Davino. “I have not had anyone in Hospice, but in doing the sale; I have heard many wonderful stories from associates whose family members have used Hospice. They shared stories of the kindness and empathy the Hospice staff showed their loved ones when the end was upon them. When I retire, I plan on volunteering my time to help Hospice.”

Throughout the past 30 years, Independent Health has supported a wide array of organizations throughout Western New York with diverse goals and missions. Independent Health continues to be an engaged company, and by partnering with organizations such as Hospice Buffalo, the positive impact is felt not only within the community, but among Independent Health members and associates. Hospice Buffalo would like to say thank you to Independent Health for the many you have touched by your philanthropy and thoughtful support throughout the Western New York community.


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