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Corporate Spotlight ~ Lawley 


Matthew Evans pictured with his brother, parents, cousins and aunt at the Hospice Memorial Walk.

The Lawley organization has always believed giving back is a privilege that enriches and enhances the communities where they live and conduct business. Lawley and many of their colleagues, associates, and family members have been the benefactors of Hospice Buffalo’s vision, mission and commitment to serving others during challenging times with compassion and dignity. Hospice care includes help with decision making and uses a holistic approach.

Lawley has shared with us that Hospice has touched numerous individuals and families throughout their organization over the past decades. As a result, they have supported many of our events and campaigns to continue to help provide the necessary resources to have greater impact and outreach.

Their most recent gift to Hospice Buffalo was made in honor of a special young man, Matthew Evans, who was diagnosed with “Neurodegeneration with Brain Iron Accumulation” – a rare genetic disorder. Matthew’s mother is a 23 year Hospice Buffalo employee who is also part of the Lawley family through her sister, Patti Lawley. Essential Care, our home-based palliative care program, provides Matthew and nearly 100 other pediatric patients with comprehensive palliative care including visits from doctors, nurses, pastoral care chaplains, music, massage and art therapists. Essential Care’s expressive therapy program has proven to be so effective that we needed to build more capacity. This program assists children to communicate and express feelings which may be difficult to verbalize during very frightening and confusing times. Lawley’s gift will provide ongoing support for these young patients and their families so that they may have a more positive experience during their journey. Hospice Buffalo is pleased to announce this partnership and thanks Lawley for their generous gift.


The Hospice Foundation is a qualified 501(c) (3) non-profit charitable organization, tax ID 22-3137812. All gifts are tax deductible as provided by law.

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“ My sister Linda Evans has been a longtime associate and advocate of Hospice. She has also been on the front and receiving end with her son, Matthew, who has benefited from the Essential Care program. Hospice and their collaborative team of care providers have been there for my nephew, my mother, and our family to help ensure that their quality of life is the best it can possibly be with dignity, kindness, and love. We believe life is a gift and a journey.” Patricia Lawley