Caring for Our Most Precious Patients

Meet Anastasia (Ana), an adorable, bubbly, bright five-year-old little girl. Like many little girls, Ana loves to sing, be with her friends, attend her brother’s sports games, camp with her family and ride her bike.

Unlike many little girls, Ana is a pediatric patient with Hospice & Palliative Care Buffalo’s (HPCB) Essential Care for Children program. 

As a thriving eight-month-old, Ana was brought to the ER due to what was thought to be a series of reoccurring ear infections and the possibility of vision loss. Two days later, their lives turned upside down with the confirmation of permanent blindness and the diagnosis of a brain tumor. 

Today, despite many surgeries, chemotherapies, drug studies and treatments received on a “compassionate” basis, Ana’s tumor has continued to grow. These efforts – all to save her life – have caused many complications. To manage these symptoms and ensure her comfort and quality of life can be the best possible, she receives numerous medications daily. 










"Our patients teach us to live in the moment. To live each day and every day with the highest quality of life possible."
- Deb, RN, Nurse Case Manager

Essential Care for Children has been there for Ana and her family for more than four years, working tirelessly to improve quality of life for both Ana, and her family. Ana, and her mom Lene'e, have received care, compassion, guidance, and love provided by Ana’s team which consists of her nurse, home health aide, social worker, art therapist and spiritual care counselors.

"Anything Ana needs, our team does everything they can to make it happen. And while they are amazing advocates for Ana, they have been critical support for me. They’ve been there while I cried, and they’ve listened if I’m concerned or sad. I can call if something happens and I’m not sure how to respond and immediately I have help. The comfort, care and attention by our team is irreplaceable. They are truly a special group." - Ana's mom, Lene'e

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A Pediatric Patient Story

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