A Million Miracles

Pete and Jen were able to share one of the most meaningful exchanges life has to give us – the sacrament of marriage. This moment happened not only as a result of our caring and compassionate staff, but also because of our community’s generosity and continued belief in our efforts

Hospice & Palliative Care Buffalo (HPCB) provides, help and support, and for Jen, and her soon-to-be husband, Pete, that help came not a moment too soon.

As Jen likes to say, “It was meant to be. As if we had known each other all our lives.” Pete, an Army veteran who served in the Berlin Brigade, had gotten to know Jen through the Tractor Supply store that Pete managed for more than 14 years. One day, Pete claimed to “accidentally” send Jen a friend request via Facebook. That “accidental” request led to a date that led to their life together.

Their relationship fell into place swiftly and smoothly. It was comfortable and easy … with one exception. Pete had been diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer in October of 2020, before they started dating. He was receiving treatment through chemotherapy and doing quite well.

“We both thought he had a lot more time,” shared Jen.



Sadly, Pete began to decline at the end of May in 2022. He was in and out of the hospital and in a great deal of pain, it began to be quite overwhelming. Having no prior experience with Hospice, Pete’s good friend recommended contacting Hospice & Palliative Care Buffalo. Pete enrolled in Hospice in the beginning of June and immediately received the care and treatment necessary to manage his pain and to make his life more comfortable. Through his comprehensive care team at HPCB, Pete was now getting the care he needed,

“Hospice took care of Pete; he was not in pain. Everyone was so thorough, answering every question. They knew both of us were scared, and they were all so kind. I cannot say enough about how amazing and caring every single one of Pete’s care team were. They were the nicest people we had ever met.”
In the comfort of our in-patient unit, Jen was able to simply provide love to Pete. She no longer carried the weight of his care. She rarely left his side and was even able to arrange for members of his old platoon to visit.
As both his strength and time were waning, Pete’s one desire of marrying Jen was beginning to seem impossible. What Pete did not realize, is that in moments such as this, everyone at HPCB will do everything they can to make miracles happen for the patients we care for, and their loved ones.

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