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Hospice & Palliative Care in Hospitals

Hospice for hospitalized patients is a benefit available to all Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries, whether short-term prior to discharge or when death is imminent. Hospice can bring its care and expertise to patients and families no matter where they are.

Focus of patient care is comfort care and symptom management. Hospice Buffalo’s team coordinates care with you, your family, your physician, and hospital staff. Assistance and support is also provided for the family.

Hospice in Hospitals

Hospice and palliative care services are offered in most area hospitals as a short-term solution when pain or symptoms cannot be managed at home. Hospice Buffalo trains the hospital staff to care for Hospice patients. We assist in the management of uncontrolled symptoms, especially pain, prior to discharge. By starting services prior to discharge, the transition to the home may be eased. Expert coordination of care and symptom management by palliative care trained healthcare providers may shorten the hospital stay. Diagnostic tests and invasive procedures that are not palliative are discontinued for a Hospice Buffalo patient. The team focuses on the comfort, care and support of both the patient and family. Bereavement support is available for the grieving for 13 months after death.

Our Approach to Hospice Care in Hospitals

Your Hospice Care Team works closely with the hospital’s staff to coordinate care and continually evaluate and alter care plans to ensure your loved one is comfortable.

The Hospice Hospital Direct Care Staff includes:

  • Physician — the hospital physician will remain the physician of record during your loved one’s stay
  • Liaison Nurse — to oversee your plan of care
  • Social Worker — to provide emotional support for you and your family and assist with coordination of other services
  • Expressive Therapists (music and massage)
  • Chaplain for spiritual guidance and understanding
  • Volunteers for companionship

Palliative Care in Hospitals

Palliative Care can comfort a patient while they are seeking curative treatment. Palliative Care Buffalo’s physicians will consult with your healthcare provider in many area hospitals.

The Palliative Care Buffalo Team in Hospitals includes:

  • Patient’s Physician
  • Palliative-care trained Registered Nurse
  • Social Worker
  • Volunteer visits
  • Palliative Care Buffalo Physician oversight

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Medical Consults in area hospitals:

  • Kenmore Mercy Hospital
  • Mercy Hospital of Buffalo
  • Sisters of Charity Hospital
  • St. Joseph Campus

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"The professional, and compassionate care was appreciated by our entire family during the time our mother spent at the hospice unit at Kenmore Mercy. Our family felt supported as we made this journey with our mother. The swing bed room was comfortable and large enough for friends and family to spend time with Mom. Knowing that our mother was well cared for made this time less stressful for our family. We greatly appreciate your help making Mom's last days peaceful and helping us provide the dignity we all wanted for her."

 ~ Carol P., daughter of Mary Pond

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